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The People's Moss Landing Water Desal Project is the only project that has the public's best interest at heart, and it's right in our own backyard.

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Oct. 1, 2012: Pacific Grove Water Project submitted to Cal Am for consideration.

Sept. 29, 2012: the Pacific Grove City Council voted by MAJORITY to submit The Pacific Grove Proposed Water Project to Cal Am for consideration.

July 18, 2012: Pacific Grove City Council votes to become Public Agency for The People's Project. Press Release

May 2, 2012:  The City of Pacific Grove, California, has agreed to become the lead Public Agency for The People’s Moss Landing Water Desalination Project. If we don't act now, our water bills will be much, much more. The vote was taken at the Pacific Grove City Council meeting on April 18, 2012, with a majority vote of 6 to 1. Now that we have a Public Agency onboard, the desal plant can now be LEGALLY BUILT. Please contact Pacific Grove City Officials and thank them for their leadership and courage,  and for caring about the citizens, including those on fixed incomes and many others who cannot afford exorbitant and unnecessary water rate increases! Please encourage them to move forward as quickly as possible.

March 17, 2012: Nader Agha announces the project will incorporate new revolutionary technology which will result in
NEAR-ZERO DISCHARGE back to the ocean after desalination

The People's Moss landing Water Desal Project Proposal

Additional Documentation Downloads:
Exhibits Including New Focused EIR

Now is the time to insist that this project is selected because WATER CAN BE AVAILABLE BY March 2016*** at the least expensive and most affordable cost.

Why do the ratepayers have to pay to build something if it already exists?

Mr. Nader Agha, the owner of the 200-acre
Moss Landing Green Commercial Park, LLC, the site of

"We have 100% of the support infrastructure in place for a desal plant! The only thing left is to bring the desal plant from New Mexico and assemble it on the site. We know how to do it, we know how to get the price down, we know how to do it for less than anybody else, and we know how to do it in a limited time. We could have this up and running within 44 months as advised by an independent consultant. "

You’ve probably been reading and hearing about all the controversy surrounding the various water projects. It is important for Monterey Peninsula ratepayers (homeowners, renters, business owners, the hospitality industry and others) to know that a real solution already exists – THE PEOPLE’S MOSS LANDING WATER DESAL PROJECT – an alternative desalination project that was launched in 2004.

There are currently two primary sources of drinking water for the Monterey Peninsula: the Carmel River and the Seaside Aquifer. If by 2014, there is not a 70% reduction in the water taken from the Carmel River, there will be severe water rationing imposed on all water users, and if the 70% reduction does not occur by 2016, Cal Am will face a huge fine from the state that will be passed on to the ratepayers. Currently, the public is being given an array of confusing alternatives to this problem.

Do the math. Which would you prefer to pay?
See full cost information.

People's desal project the best alternative We are a group of students from California State University Monterey Bay doing research on the future of the Monterey Peninsula's water supply. After researching the alternatives, we approve of the People's Moss Landing Water Desalination Project. It is the most effective alternative to the Monterey Bay Regional Desalination Project ...Read the Full Letter.

- Joey Camacho, CSUMB         quote

The current estimated cost of the presently proposed desalination project is reported to be $400 million to $600 million. Compare that with the cost of THE PEOPLE’S MOSS LANDING WATER DESAL PROJECT which is estimated at approximately $128,650,000 (partly due to the existing infrastructure). The water produced by THE PEOPLE’S MOSS LANDING WATER DESAL PROJECT will be made available at the site to the water distribution pipe (provided by others) to the Monterey Peninsula. The cost to the ratepayers for the construction and operation of the desal plant will be approximately $12.78 each per month. Cost Informationtimeline

YOU HAVE A RIGHT to participate in shaping the public policies that affect your lives and your budgets, including the control of water and the rates that you pay for it.

Let's work together to move this project forward for the sake of our families, our children and our grandchildren!

You can make your voice heard by calling the Monterey County Supervisors, City Mayors, City Council Members, Chambers of Commerce, Monterey County Hospitality Association, Monterey Commercial Property Owners Association. Ask them to support The People’s Moss Landing Water Desal Project.

Read on and you’ll see why The PEOPLE’S MOSS LANDING WATER DESAL PROJECT provides the most cost-effective, secure and fastest water solution for our community.

*Including the discounted cost of 55 acres and the existing infrastructure for a desal plant. (Certified MAI appraisal available for the actual market value of this discounted price) **Approximately 44 months from July 2012 to March 2016 as advised by consultant.  Note: Information subject to change.

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